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Bandokay - Mad About Bars (Song Lyrics)

Mad About Bars

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Mad About Bars (Song Lyrics) - Bandokay

Mad About Bars

Part 1

Yo, yo, yo

[Verse 1: Bandokay]
I had dreams 'bout being in the 9

My older siblings wouldn't let me shine

They told me I couldn't ride
I thought it was fine but then I just lost my mind
I started lurking for time, throwin' bare gang signs
In the field, just me and my slime
Bare gunman that will air out bine
Critical, still won't leave him fine
Bad B, bruck your back and tek' time
Back of the dance, wan' give me a wine
Yo, this leng ting's mine
It's not a surprise, she's throwin' it back for time
Same height as a dots on my thighs
But she reminds me of A1FromThe9
She keeps tellin' me lies

Bare butterflies when she's talking to my guys

[Verse 2: Double Lz]
Pull up on man and I'll blast, man's rarted
Bark it, all of my brothers'll blast it
Clart it, see this coupe and they're darting
Rarted, trip up and drop, that's casket
Let me get that, man's tellin', not askin'
Bad B shut your mouth and just arch it
Pull up on blocks, my name's not tarnished
Lil Jojo should've got it through his glasses
I scratch my head when I watch their vids
Like, you've been chinged and you've been chinged
Twist this Rambo right in your skin
Jump out on yutes, watch corn get flinged

Shit, buck in to gang, just sprint
Feds ask questions, I don't know a thing
Lean out quick, double tap this bitch
If a man get chinged, I’ll burn all my kicks

[Verse 3: Bandokay]
Shank on me, just circled twice
But I didn't see nuttin' but jakes
N18 where the Niners bake
Ain’t safe cah I soon make everyone skate
She's like, "Kay, when we going on a date?"
Not today, T house, got grub on my plate
Yo, the mash just jammed, fucks sake
Still carry the glide 'cause I got my blade

Grace, shotty come long like Grace
Half it-half it so it comes in the rave
'Scuse me babe, but I'm Bandokay
Real badman from the Farm estate
Ay, let me get one thing straight
Don't be in the 9 when it's night, broad day
Ay, let me get one thing straight
Don't be in the 9 when it's night, broad day

[Verse 4: Double Lz]
Shoot, shoot, ay, broski shoots
Spin that block, ay, who's that yute?
Encounter with gang and then change their route
When three car doors get popped in the 2

Red man's shirt like Winnie the Pooh
Me in the back and SJ too
Pop up on man like peek-a-boo
And they run for their life when they see this coupe
Oh please, oh please, the shotgun sneeze
Double Lz, I'm playing for keeps
Get two, get three, this browning’s neat
Hold the wap if you really love me
Jump out in threes and their heartbeats freeze
When the gang tryna red tape scenes
Dump off, tryna mek' man bleed
That opp done legs when he saw the X3

Part 2

[Verse 1: Bandokay]
Grace mad about bars like Kenny
'Cause she keeps hearin' her name on the telly
The first rideout, my legs turned jelly
Second rideout, gassed up, I was ready
I see bro slap corn so steady
He's Jason and they're callin' me Freddy
Fifteen, that was me up in Eddy
Where was you then? At home with your teddys
Yo, I'm tryna crash man, nap man and just pack man
I'm shooting these kids, no Pacman
The other day I would've done us a drill
But they're with babies, pushing them in a black pram

In the dance, they be watching my black hand
Slap man, do it like frog, just splash man
Gas gang, I'm tryna rinse five and Afghan
Badman, OFB t'ug, no wass gang

[Verse 2: Double Lz]
Run for your life if the driver stops
Lack on your block, let me write him off
Get caught, get bun, we light your top
He bucked me and bro, where's my man gone?
They're not on nothing, just hyper dons
Get your four door smashed, we sliding on
I ain't casting a spell when I rise the wand
This IC3 love frightening dons

Headshot, chest shot, leg shots
Double tap shotguns, leave you with a red top
Head tops, slide tryna see what your ends on
End of, car door pop and the opps get stepped on
That was me in the back of that car
Lingerin' around, watchin' opps get crept on
I don't wanna go back to the wing
When I'm runnin' in cells tryna plug man's head top

Mad About Bars, Mad About Bars
Mad About Bars, Mad About Bars
Mad About Bars, Mad About Bars
Mad About Bars, Mad About Bars

Mad About Bars, Mad About Bars
Mad About Bars, Mad About Bars
Mad About Bars, Mad About Bars
Mad About Bars, Mad About Bars